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Time and Date

Open the Time and Date dialog to set the camera's date, time, time zone and time server settings.

In order to maintain a reliable system time, the camera can synchronize its real-time clock using an external time server. You can choose between these two protocols:


Description of the Dialog

Time Settings

Parameter Description
Time Zone

Select the correct time zone for the camera location.

Note: If you have changed the time zone, you should store the settings of this dialog permanently by clicking on the Set button, then the Close button. Make sure that you reboot the camera before you proceed!

Hourly Sound Select one of the sound files that have been stored using the Manage Audio Messages dialog in order to play back the file at every full hour for the specified number of times.
Time Server Protocol This list box selects the protocol to be used. The choices are the recent NTP (Network Time Protocol) as laid out in RFC 1305 or the simpler and older Time Protocol according to RFC 868.
Time Server If Time Protocol (RFC 868) is selected, enter the address of the time server in this field. The server must support the protocol specified in RFC 868.

If the NTP protocol has been selected, you can enter up to five time servers. Theses servers must support the protocol specified in RFC 1305. An LED to the right of the corresponding server shows the status of the NTP service. Hold your mouse over the LED to get more detailed information in the bubble help.
Use Camera as Time Server This setting uses the camera as a time server for the rest of the network. Note that you need to enter this camera's IP address as a time server on all other cameras. This setting instruct the camera to set its own system time as Stratum 7, making it an acceptable time server, even if no external time servers are available. (This option is only available when using the NTP protocol.)

Time Status

Current Camera Time This field shows the current time of the camera. This output may be imprecise; when in doubt, check the time stamp in the live image. If the time differs by more than 5s from the time of your PC, the camera shows a button, which allows applying the system time of your computer to the camera. You should only do this if the time of the computer is actually more precise than the time of the camera. If the camera is in sync with a time server, it will show a warning before applying the computer time.
MX-GPS-Box If an MX-GPS-Box is attached to the camera, it can receive highly precise time information from the GPS satellites. In this case, the dialog contains a status line that shows information about the GPS data received by the MX-GPS-Box.
Local NTP Service This field contains information about the time services currently used by the camera. The information is displayed in different colors: If the time server can be reached, the output of the NTP client is amber, if the camera clock is synchronized, the output is green. Note: only one time server will be used. Be patient—synchronizing the clock using NTP may take some time.

Konfiguration sichern

Klicken Sie auf Setzen, um die Einstellungen zu aktivieren und bis zum nächsten Neustart der Kamera zu sichern.

Klicken Sie auf Voreinstellung, um diesen Dialog auf die werkseitigen Voreinstellungen zurückzusetzen (dieser Button wird nicht in allen Dialogen angezeigt).

Klicken Sie auf Zurückholen, um alle Änderungen seit dem letzten permanenten Speichern der Konfiguration zu verwerfen.

Beenden Sie den Dialog durch Klick auf Schließen. Hierbei wird geprüft, ob Änderungen der Gesamtkonfiguration vorliegen. Ist dies der Fall, werden Sie gefragt, ob die Gesamtkonfiguration dauerhaft gesichert werden soll.

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