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Configuring the Camera

To configure the camera, you normally select parameters in the dialogs and enter text in the text boxes. These parameters and values are stored in the configuration file.

You can view (but not modify) this file using the Show Current Configuration dialog.

The configuration file resides in the camera's permanent storage (flash). The configuration is read once at boot time and then copied to the camera's RAM. Any changes to the configuration are done in the copy of the original and are only valid until the next system start.

Some configuration settings (ISDN, network, storage on external file server / Flash medium, switching the mode of the serial interface) do not become effective at runtime. In order for modifications of these settings to become active, you need to perform a Reboot camera. All other configuration settings can be modified at runtime and become effective immediately.

Note: Do not try loading an old configuration file (up to software version V1.9.x) into a camera that runs software version V2.x. Since the configuration file format has changed, the camera will not accept an old configuration file.

The Basic Configuration of the MOBOTIX Camera

Using the Quick Installation wizard is the easiest and most secure way for initially configuring the camera.

To modify other settings, you can use the submenus of the Setup Menu and the Admin Menu.

Saving the Configuration

In the dialogs, click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the camera is rebooted.

Click on the Close button to close the dialogs. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

Working with the Configuration File

In order to configure certain parameters of your MOBOTIX camera, you may need to modify settings in the configuration file. All related parameters are grouped together in configuration sections.

Action Description
Store current configuration into flash memory Stores the current configuration in the camera's permanent storage so that the changed version is used when the system is rebooted.
Reset configuration to factory defaults It is possible to reset the camera's current configuration to the factory default settings. After doing so, you need to save the configuration to permanent storage and reboot the camera.
Caution: This will overwrite any modifications of the network settings. Make sure that the camera can still be accessed.

Note: The current configuration can be replaced as a whole or in parts (see Keep Parts of the Configuration).

Restore last configuration from the permanent storage (flash) If you have modified the configuration temporarily and do not intend to keep the changes, you can retrieve the last configuration that has been stored permanently.

Note: The current configuration can be replaced as a whole or in parts (see Keep Parts of the Configuration).

Load a configuration from local computer

Using this function, you can load a locally stored backup copy of the configuration into your camera. After doing so, you need to save the configuration to permanent storage and reboot the camera.
In order to be accepted, the file originally must have been created by this camera.

Note: The current configuration can be replaced as a whole or in parts (see Keep Parts of the Configuration).

Save current configuration to local computer With this function, you can create a backup copy of the current configuration on your local computer. Note that FTP passwords etc. are readable in the file.
Show the current configuration The current configuration file is displayed as formatted text. Alternatively, you can choose to display the configuration file as text only file.
Edit configuration file (for experts) It is possible to modify parameters directly in the configuration file. It is recommended that only experts make use of this possibility. An invalid modification of parameters may render the camera inaccessible. Save the modified configuration in the permanent storage and reboot the camera.
Manage other cameras Open this dialog to automatically search for MOBOTIX cameras on the network or to add them manually. You can save the list of the discovered cameras in the camera configuration, so the camera can use this list in the MultiView screen, for example. For additional information on this topic, see the Configuring MultiView Screens help page.

Keeping Parts of the Configuration

Usually, when loading a backup copy from your local computer or when resetting the configuration to the factory default settings, the entire configuration is replaced.

In order to keep parts of the configuration (e.g. user and password settings), you need to check the everything except the parts checked belowoption in the Replace list. Check the configuration sections that are not to be replaced.

Next, click on Load in the Load Configuration From File dialog, or click on Restore in the Restore Configuration From Flash dialog, to replace the complete configuration or parts of it in the current camera configuration.

Note: Remember, that the changes to the configuration still apply only to the current camera settings. If you reboot now, the old configuration will be used if you do not store the current configuration to the permanent (flash) storage of the camera.

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